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Zoe, Simon & Lennox

There's nothing I love more than a photoshoot with a bit of personality. When I first met Zo and Si on zoom, I knew instantly that we would be the perfect fit. They are the kind of people who juice life for all it's got. Energetic. Bubbly. Keen for a good time. Just my kinda people!!

When we were teeing up plans for their engagement shoot, they asked if they could bring their doggo, an excitable and chaotic boxer called Lennox. I said abso-bloody-lutely. And what a great decision it was, because let's face it, Lennox was the star of the show!

Starting with a beer and wine, chilling on the sand, we waited for the light to start working it's magic. Not a bad way to ease into a shoot if you're feeling a little nervous. But the best way to tackle those nerves is to get out of your head and back into your body and embrace a little bit of silliness. Which is exactly what we did.

As Zo and Si chased after the dog, I chased after them. And dare I say, we all had a bloody great time.

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