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So you're in love...

You’ve found your person. Now you need to find your photographer. The right photographer.

Weddings and elopements are a deeply intimate expression of who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. The way you choose to wed is a declaration. It’s an opportunity to jettison all the ‘must do’s’ prescribed by the wedding industry, and to focus on what is meaningful to you and the person you love.

I understand the overwhelm and complexity of wedding planning. Of being pulled this way and that – the endless decisions, the Pinterest boards, the unsolicited advice, the attempts at navigating  outdated  traditions without offence, the people pleasing – and in amongst it all, trying to stay true to yourselves. This is your reminder to take a breath. Take the pressure off, and come back to what is most important. What are the things that will matter the most to you, not only on the day, but in years to come?


You deserve a photographer who can intuitively capture the moments that you will hold most valuable. A photographer who understands that a wedding day is not only a day filled with excitement and joy, but with many intimate and vulnerable moments that reflect the richness of your connection.

You deserve someone you can be at ease with. Someone to hold space. Someone who can both calm the nerves and bolster the energy by bantering with you and your mates.  Someone who can read the room. Someone who understands that every moment of this day, every detail and every decision is a reflection of who you are.

So, am I that someone? There’s only one way left to find out!


"Billie and I shared some messages and she had me in stitches right away. She was 100% my kind of girl. When Billie walked through the door on our wedding day we held each other like we had been friends for a lifetime."

Tamika & Aaron 

How will your wedding images reflect you and your story?  

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