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Stef & Brock

Imagine a day that starts with saying 'I do' over a champagne breakfast with your closest family and friends, on one of the coolest rooftops in Sydney. Imagine walking down the aisle not only together, but with your dog. Imagine a canape lunch at the Opera House, where more of your mates are waiting to greet you, with hearts and glasses full. Imagine kick ons at a tequila bar where you're literally shoulder to shoulder with your new spouse, and all your best mates, and the bar tender is pouring tequila from the bottle directly into your mouth. The vibes are high and the margs are icy.

Imagine crawling on to your favourite Shwarma spot - Shwarmama - and refueling on the most legit kebabs, falafels and chippies. And it's not even 7pm yet! As the evening air settles over the city, you and your lover run and dance and giggle in the alleyways... you reflect back on your day and smile. You've celebrated your love in the most authentic way and planned a 'wedding' around all the things you love. The pub crawl of a lifetime. What a bloody day!!

Switching up the timeline meant that we were doing couple portraits during the middle of the day, when the sun is harsh. I don't normally recommend couples do this - it's much easier to get flattering photos during golden hour, when the light is soft and you don't get harsh shadows. But in this case, the drama of the shadows was so much fun to work with. It forced me to get creative with composition... and the Paramount Hotel was such a fun place to do this! Finding the little cinema next door was the icing on the cake. I definitely feel like these are the most creative wedding shots I've taken.

Keeping their ceremony intimate, with only their closest friends and immediate families, Stef and Brock invited the extended family and friends to join them for drinks at Bennelong Restaurant at the Opera House. This allowed them to spend some quality time with their loved ones, but still keep the day relaxed.

After a few speeches and a few more champagnes, the next stop was the tequila bar. Cantina OK! is the coolest little hole in the wall tequila bar I've ever been to. The bar staff had such a fun energy and were more than happy to let me in behind the bar to capture the vibes.

Stef and Brock are foodies in every sense of the word. Brock is a chef. He met Stef through working in her family's Italian restaurant, where he was told that the only way they'd let him in on the family pasta recipe, was if he married into the family... so I guess the man takes his food seriously haha. Stef and Brock now own their own restaurant, so it was only fitting that their day was centered around visiting their favourite food haunts.

Stef and Brock said no to stuffy traditions that didn't hold value for them, and yes to a whole lotta fun.

  • No to a traditional bridal party. Yes to spending quality time with friends who could dress however they pleased and enjoy the day without official roles.

  • No to the bride being given away by her father. Yes to walking into the commitment hand in hand.

  • No to a traditional first dance. Yes to dancing in the streets to Biggie.

  • No to cutting a cake. Yes to kicking back with friends.

Your wedding gets to be whatever you want it to be. There are no rules! only the ones we make up in our own heads.

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