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Nic & Bryan Engagement

Wanna know how to nail your engagement and/or wedding? The best way to come away with photos that are meaningful to you and also look bloody fabulous?

Plan the day around things YOU love. The more you are able to weave the little intricacies of your relationship into the day, the more it will reflect who you are. And the more you feel at home in your celebration of your relationship, the more you can let your hair down, have some fun and get stunning photos in the process.

My favourite thing to capture is emotion. My favouite photos are when people are in full flight laughter - noses scrunched, eyes watering, smiles that take over your whole face. A completely unreserved state of joy. The way to achieve this? By having fun while you're shooting.

Nic and Bryan are foodies. They enjoy good food and even better wine. They make their fun exploring new and exciting foods - always on the hunt for something delicious - scouring different deli's to find their favs - a smoked mozzarella and a truffle bree.

So naturally, when it came time for us to plan something unique and meaningful for their engagement shoot, a wine and cheese picnic was where it was at!

The best bit about these images is that they will age over time just like the wines they love. To them, these photos are not just a collection of nice pictures. They represent the memories created that day, doing what they love together... and the day that Nic found a bloody delicious smoked mozzarella!

For me, shooting is just as much about the experience as it is about the end result. I want you to feel comfortable to be your quirky selves and to have fun doing it.

These two got to munch on their fav treats, enjoy some bubbles and watch as the sun set over the water, all to their fav Savage Garden soundtrack. I was just there to document the moments through-out their date.

The other benefit of bringing wine to your shoot... it's a nice little way to calm those nerves you might be feeling. Nothing like the buzz of a wine or two to help get you limbered up and feeling affectionate ;)

Or just feel better about laughing at your partner's lame jokes. DW... mine are always funny. No wine needed.

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