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Love Story Films

Love Story Films

The nervous breath before you walk down the aisle. The solitary tear of happiness, spilling onto your husband-to-be's cheek, as he catches that first glimpse. The great big bear-hug from your best girlfriend, and the gentle one, full of love, from your Granny. The blue-swede shoe boogies and the punch-drunk sing alongs amongst the circle of those who will be the last standing. The quiet moments two guests share as they watch your first dance, in awe of the love you have found. These moments - these are the precious memories that I, as your wedding videographer, look to capture and immortalise in your beautifully edited, bespoke wedding film. 

Let me tell your honest love story. 

I am a one-woman team, so am unable to provide photography and videography together in the one package, but I am more than happy to work in with the other vendors you may choose for your big day. I actually really love getting to know other photographers and videographers and working together with them to create something epic! If you're worried about too many chefs - don't be! I'm comfortable to take the lead, but there's no ego here, so I'm also more than happy to fall into line with the directions of one of the other professionals that you choose to be in your wedding team.

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