So you're in love...

Are we right for each other? Assumedly, you’ve already asked this question of your partner (I bloody hope so – since conscious unions are what I’m all about). But now it’s time to ask it about me! If I’m going to be your wedding photographer, we're going to be spending a helluva lot of time together on the day you wed, so you kinda wanna make sure we all vibe together!

I could spend this paragraph telling you about how I shoot and what my photography style is – but in all honesty – you can see that for yourself in my albums, and I think being on the same page with our values, philosophies and ‘wedding culture’ are more important anyway! I find the best way to find your people is to wear your colours proudly and wave those values and self-expression like a fucking flag! So here is my flag - if you're my people - you'll be flapping along in the wind with me and yelling 'say it again sista!' as you read the following Billie Devine wedding ethos.

What I believe in:

Shooting unions between two people who have made a conscious decision to do life together. I don’t care if you’re getting officially married or if you’re a bit of a lefty feminist like me and have chosen to unite in an un-married kinda way. I believe all relationships are valid and I want couples who don’t resonate with all societies rules to feel empowered to do life, and commitment and love in whatever way they see fit!

I believe that a celebration of love should be centred around YOU and you only. Ok you AND your partner (I see you - trawling this website on your own, after hours of endless Instagram scrolling and pinterest pinning – your partner snoring softly, having lost interest at post 297 about ‘top tips for planning your wedding’).

I believe a LOT of the ‘rules’ and wedding traditions that are sold to us in these endless posts are a trap and are archaic as fuck. e.g. Fathers giving away brides - you are not a possession to be swapped between males like a dowry. Walk into this deal with your partner! Hand in hand.

The wedding industry is a big fucking beast that has been doing this shit for decades – centuries even! And the problem with all that experience is, sometimes, like a neglected sex life in a long term relationship- it’s easy to fall into the pattern of doing the same thing again and again, because its effective and it gets the job done. But we are conscious lovers people! We are not sex neglectors and we are not status quo followers. So what’s the solution? Well, to read my full wedding ethos article of-course! I'll tell ya how you can plan a day that is epicly and uniquely YOU! ... and your partner. 


Alex & Brenno

Augustines, Mudgee


Kate & Nick

Hilltop Farm Stay, Comboyne

Paige & Robbie

Sergeants Mess, Mosman


Imogen & Connor

State Mine Heritage Museum,

Blue Mountains

Sarah & Chris

Botanical Gardens & City Beach, Wollongong


Eden & Hayden

Coogee Headland, Sydney

Cass & Stu

Blue Mountains


"Billie, I cried this morning looking at these photos. It makes me so happy. You did such a beautiful job."
Cass & Stu

Ready to pull the trigger on one of the most important relationships you will build for your big day (and beyond)?