So you're in love...

Are we right for each other? Assumedly, you’ve already asked this question of your partner, but now it’s time to ask it about me! If I’m going to be your wedding photographer, we're going to be spending a helluva lot of time together on the day you wed, so you kinda wanna make sure we all vibe together!


Your wedding is a reflection of who you are, both as individuals and as a couple. You want a photographer who gets you. Who shares your vision, not just visually, but philosophically.  A LOT of the ‘rules’ and wedding traditions that are sold to us are archaic relics of a sexist and religious society.


This is your permission to plan your celebration of love around what is meaningful to YOU and you only.

At the end of the day, connection is all that matters.  


"Billie and I shared some messages and she had me in stitches right away. She was 100% my kind of girl. When Billie walked through the door on our wedding day we held each other like we had been friends for a lifetime."

Tamika & Aaron 

Ready to pull the trigger on one of the most important relationships you will build for your big day (and beyond)?